Sunday, May 25, 2008

Been a while

I have not posted to this blog in a bit, been kind if busy lately. We have been producing events, timing races, and planning for others. I thought I would get started back, by giving a few updates.

Max Performance Triathlon Series- Everything went very well with the series this year. The weather cooperated much better than it did last year. The biggest difference this year was from the closing of a road that had always been part of the bike course. It ended up being a fortunate event, because all the athletes seemed to like the new course much better.

Heart & Sole- The sprint triathlon that takes place in Versailles each April is one of the most beautiful courses we have. Falling Springs Recreation Center was as always a pleasure to deal with.

One Bad Week- We had an open water swim planned at Taylorsville Lake that was to be a training event for the triathlon. We had to cancel the the event due to rain and 40mph winds. We had the first Time Trial planned for the following Wed. Once again rain became an issue. We had a break in the weather and we went ahead with the event for the people that showed. Not a good week for business.

Fort Knox Red Cross Run For The Red- This is the first year we have been involved with this 5 and 10K run. There were about 600 participants and everything went great. The Red Cross and soldiers who helped worked hard and made everything wonderful.

Taylorsville Lake- This race never fails to amaze me. 4 years ago we did this event just for fun with 24 local athletes. The next year we had 47, then 102, and 147 this year. Even though this race keeps growing it has kept a very laid back atmosphere.

That is a few of the things we have had going on. I will try to make entries on a more regular basis in the future.