Saturday, August 1, 2009

Our thoughts are with you

I am going to refrain from really getting into the details of the accident at the E.P. Tom Sawyer Traithlon for a few days discretion and all. I will vent latter.

If you know me very well warm and fuzzy is not how you would describe me(OK maybe fuzzy) but I would just like to remind everyone to keep the affected people in their thoughts and prayers. First and foremost the family of our brother athlete. Also keep in mind the staff at E.P. Tom Sawyer Park who will have to deal with the fallout of an accident they could not have prevented. Scratch that I should have said crime they could not have prevented. The driver of the car did not accidentally get shit faced and drive he committed a crime(a little venting). My thoughts also go out to all those athletes who witnessed the event or were exposed to the aftermath as they rode by. If there were a way I could take those images out of your heads I would.