Sunday, June 15, 2008

Shelbyville Chiropractic Tri/Du

Yesterday was the Shelbyville Chiropractic Triathlon and Duathlon and after a dismal forcast the weather turned out to be great. Lake Shelby is a beautiful place to hold an event. We had 131 athletes finish the race.

The swim started in 3 waves. There were only a few problems during the swim. Cramping and anxiety from inexperienced open water swimmers. Thanks to Shelby County Fire and Rescue's water patrol for their handling of these situations and for their help in general.

The bike course was new this year. Burk's Branch Road was closed for construction and forced us to go in a different direction. The new course was less brutal and more scenic. There was one turn on the course which created some confusion because of markings from another event. A few people took this detour. I hate to see an athlete who has given their all and made an honest mistake penalized, so we decided to make a new division for these people. Sometimes I am too nice. Comments on the new course were positive. Big thanks to the Shelby County Sheriff's Department who bailed us out of a big issue on the bike course by helping with traffic control.

The run was contained almost entirely in the park. I made up for the bike course being easier, with one hill on the run. I wouldn't really want anyone to think I was nice. There were some impressive times on the run considering the course and everything athletes did to get to the run.

Thanks to everyone who made this race possible. Shelbyville Chiropractic was the title sponsor and is always great to work with. We had some volunteers who were unable to show at the last minute, so those that did a great job often pulling double duty. The Headfirst Crew is to be commended. Half of them were sent to Taylorsville Lake to score a 5K, when our volunteer shortage arose they finished their duties and got back to help with the run.

If you want to see my ranting and venting about other aspects of the race check out my other blog by entering the do not enter portion on the website. Remember it says do not enter for a reason. It is not politically correct nor is it designed for any other reason than what I want to write with no concern for what you want to read or how you may feel about reading it.